Slate of cheeses and/or pork: rillettes from Thiol, ham, sausage, rillauds from Branchereau, Andouille from Bernardeau, goat cheese from the Haut Crué cheese dairy: 15€
Classic burger: 14,50€
Vegetarian burger, homemade fries: 14,50€
Steack Tartarus: 16€
Large seasonal salad: 11€


Strawberry soup: 6€
Clafoutis with figs from the garden: 6€
Homemade chocolate mousse: 6€

Children’s menu

Chopped steak and its homemade fries + drink: 8,50€

Group menus

Menu at 15€
Montsoreau Soup
Slate of cheese and pork
Homemade dessert

Menu at 25€
Lea Linster Carrot Soup
Slate of pork
Goat cheese from the Haut Crué cheese dairy
Plum pie from Master Bernard